Specialised Training Sessions

Specialised Training Sessions

Anglo Institute of Education aims at providing quality professional development services in education; training that fulfils the needs of schools and teachers interested in being up to date with the latest educational trends.

Training in schools:

Sessions in schools: General and/or specialised from Early Years to High School in topics like: Differentiation, Universal Design for Learning, Constructivism, Visible Learning, Project-Based Learning, Feedback to Students, Feedback Systems in School, Behaviour Management, Logic-Mathematical Thinking, Science, Reading and Writing, CLIL, Motivation, Essay Writing Course, etc.
Sessions are given in schools by specialists in the area.
Length and level sessions are adapted to school´s needs.

Training at The Anglo Institute of Education:

Sessions are held at The Anglo Institute of Education in Coyoacán, CDMX.
Session calendar is shared with AIE educational network.
If you wish to receive information or our courses, please send us an email to: luisa.oropeza@churchill.edu.mx
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To check availability of dates, training in schools, themes and content of the sessions, please contact: