Postgraduate Certificate of Education


The University of Buckingham Postgraduate Certificate of Education is a qualification which provides the skills necessary to teach ages 11-19 in bilingual and international schools. The PGCE is being offered in Mexico to teachers who have a university degree and are already working in a private school.

Aims of the PGCE

The main aims of the PGCE are to ensure that practising teachers who have not had much pedagogical training are able to teach their subject with a high level of professional competence, are knowledgeable about contemporary issues in education, and can function as reflective, independent-minded professionals.

The PGCE at The Anglo Institute of Education

The PGCE is designed and awarded by the University of Buckingham in the UK. The Anglo Institute of Higher Education is authorised to run the course in Mexico. Currently, the course is offered to teachers teaching at secondary and high school level.

Course description

The PGCE course runs for three semesters. The course is school based: that is to say, trainees are employed by their schools during the year and a half they take the course. They are mentored within their schools by a designated mentor, under the direction of The Anglo Institute of Education which, in turn, is directed by the University of Buckingham Department of Education.

Trainees are assigned a tutor by The Anglo Institute of Education, who oversees their progress and who visits trainees in their schools twice each semester. This ensures that there are comparable standards and opportunities for candidates across all schools involved.

During the course of the PGCE, trainees come to The Anglo Institute of Education for three three-day 'residential' meetings. Such meetings will take place almost exclusively during school holidays. These sessions will be delivered in English although assignments can be written in Spanish.

Selection and registration

Candidates must: Have a first degree in the subject they teach. Be practising teachers in a private school. Have a solid level of English equivalent to Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE). Be recommended by the school where they work.

Candidates must sign a learning contract and be interviewed by the PGCE Course Director.

Award of the PGCE
In order to be awarded the PGCE candidates must:

  • Meet the course objectives by teaching in the schools where they are employed and by being mentored and assessed both internally and externally according to the University of Buckingham trainee assessment guidelines.
  • Produce a Teaching and Learning File which is a portfolio of evidence for the achievement of the necessary standards for the course.
  • Complete three written assignments during the course.
  • Pass all the elements of the practical assessments.

PGCE Course Details

PGCE Course Outline

Download the PGCE Course Outline.

PGCE Course Diagram

Download the PGCE Course Diagram.

Validation in Mexico

The PGCE is validated in Mexico by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Lerma.


Successful candidates who have met the requirements of the course and received the PGCE from the University of Buckingham can have the certificate validated by the
UAM-Lerma for an additional cost.