Mentor Training Course

Mentor Training Course

The Mentor Training Course aims at developing the skills needed to carry out an effective mentoring process in the PGCE and/or in schools through the identification of good practices and the effective use of feedback as the key factor in developing teaching practices in the classroom.

The Course is for people in charge of teacher observations in schools; Directors, Deputy Directors, Coordinators, Teachers.

This is a school based, 12 week programme available from September 2017 and consists of:
8 theory-practice sessions
weekly online study programme
Integration of an electronic portfolio
1 Tutor visit to evaluate progress and achievement
1 essay writing task

Mentors working with trainees taking the PGCE and people interested in being trained as mentors in their schools can apply to this course.

Availability of 2 hours every week to follow up on a trainee: 1 hour for class observation and 1 hour for feedback session.
Commitment to complete the assignments, tasks, observation practices and feedback whether online or on site.

For candidates with little or no experience with essay writing we recommend attendance to our Essay Writing Course which take place in late September. The course, which carries an additional fee, provides with a guidance on the steps to follow in order to write an academic assignment.

Further details, cost, dates and session structure please contact: